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Tech I Work With 

I manage WordPress websites as well as set up and manage cloud based servers. The primary server technologies that I work with include WordPress, Nextcloud, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP, and Redis.

WordPress Maintenance

If you have needs for someone to help with any of these server technologies, please visit my services page. If you don’t find something there that addresses what you need, contact me to discuss whether I might be able to assist.

Things I’ve Written 

I share tons of useful information on my blog, Tech Addressed, for free. Here’s a selection of articles I’ve written related to WordPress or related topics relevant to bloggers & website owners that you should definitely check out.

Preferred Service Providers 

If you are looking for recommendations on server / infrastructure providers, these are the companies that I trust to provide both excellent services and value for the money spent.


Every WordPress site should use at least a free Cloudflare account.


Affordable and reliable cloud server / cloud storage provider.


The favorite cloud server provider of computer geeks everywhere!


Don’t over spend on domain registrations! Use Namecheap.

Disclosure – I am an affiliate for DigitalOcean, Linode, and Namecheap.